We Can Relate: 1 in 4 Women Aren’t Sleeping Well

Sleep can be a fickle mistress—nearly 40 percent of Canadian adults suffer from some degree of insomnia, as do one in four women in the U.S. The result? Groggy mornings and sluggish days, as well as weight gain, depression, and memory loss.  

Even worse though, can be the disconnect between mind and body that comes from losing access to one of our most sacred states—deep, restful sleep. Without it, it’s impossible to do our best work or to connect fully with the people around us.

Luckily, though, cannabis can help.


Cannabis Decreases Anxiety

It’s no secret that cannabis can have a relaxing effect—in fact, anxiety relief is the second most commonly reported reason for medical cannabis usage. Those anti-anxiety effects make it a great sleep aid. Forget about lying awake at night, staring at the ceiling, mentally calculating how many hours are left until your alarm goes off. Stressing about sleep might be keeping you up—but cannabis can take the edge off.

You’ll Drift Off Quicker

Now that you’ve stopped stressing about whether or not you’ll actually get to sleep, you should fall asleep faster, right? Yes, but the sedative effect isn’t just psychological. Two of the chemical compounds naturally found in cannabis—THC and cannabinol, also known as CBN—are natural sedatives. So you’ll be drifting off quicker thanks to science, too. #themoreyouknow    


Free Yourself of Nightmares

Using cannabis before bed has been shown to decrease the amount of time you’ll spend in REM—the sleep state where dreams happen—meaning you’ll experience fewer, if any, dreams. This can be a major relief for folks who struggle with PTSD or night terrors, and a game changer for those of us with overactive imaginations or a penchant for stress dreams. No more slaying your inner demons while you sleep, friends. You’ll be free to just rest.

Wake Up Refreshed

Many sleep aids have a less-than-ideal reputation for causing groggy wakeups—they’re just a little too good at their jobs, and waking up the next morning can be that much harder. This can be true of cannabis as well. The same way grabbing a fast-food burger for lunch can leave you in an early afternoon food coma, low-grade or pesticide-addled cannabis before bed can result in a less-than-ideal morning. But consuming clean, tested, medical-grade cannabis [link to Moon] before bed is like eating a healthy meal—it’ll fuel you up for the task ahead. Suffice to say, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.


Have you ever used cannabis as a sleep aid? Tell us about your experience in the comments! Then, go get a good night’s sleep—you won’t need your dream diary tonight ;)