Why You Should Add CBD to Your Skin Care Routine

Big news: you may have heard about the health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), but did you know it can enhance your beauty routine too?

CBD is most famous for relieving pain and anxiety—without any psychoactive effects—but it can also work wonders on your skin. As it turns out, its anti-inflammatory properties are just what the doctor—erm, dermatologist—ordered for a slew of pesky skin conditions.

From wrinkles to acne and beyond, your body’s biggest organ just might benefit from adding a bit of CBD to your skin care routine. Here’s how. 


Worried about fine lines? According to board-certified dermatologist Jeanette Jacknin, CBD can help with that. “Affecting the endocannabinoid system—like with CBD—can help the skin look more radiant and youthful,” she said, citing a study that showed CBD slowed down the visible signs of aging in mice. (Do mice get wrinkles? We digress.)

Basically, when the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD bind with the endocannabinoid receptors in your skin, they can slow down the visible aging process, leaving you with fewer fine lines and a brighter complexion. Yes, please!


Acne & Rosacea

The saddest truth of adulthood: acne and aging are not two separate events. Chances are, even if you’re worried about fine lines, you’re probably also dealing with at least the occasional zit. CBD can help with that too.

Tamás Bíró, professor and chair of the Department of Immunology at University of Debrecen in Hungary, recently performed a study that showed CBD can hinder sebum production and get overactive sebaceous gland cells—one of the biggest causes of acne—back to normal. Plus, those anti-inflammatories calm redness like nobody’s business.

The coolest thing about this? Anti-aging and anti-blemish products are often mutually exclusive. Add some CBD to your skincare routine, and you’ll be using an all-in-one remedy for your skin’s varied needs. Major win.


Eczema & Psoriasis

If your skin is dry, itchy, or flaky, CBD can help you too! Those anti-inflammatory properties really help with everything—they’ll calm your stressed out skin, moisturize the flakes away, and soothe any pesky itching. Sweet relief.


Building Your Routine

Regulation is still a bit iffy—although the 2018 Farm Bill could change that—so be choosy about which products you put on your skin. Experts warn that what’s on the label might not always match up with what’s in the jar, so make sure you’re only buying from reputable companies with proven track records of independent testing and verification.

Do you integrate CBD into your skincare routine? Are you ready to try it out for the first time? Tell us about it in the comments!