Not Sure About Attending The Women’s March? Read This.

This Saturday is the Women’s March, and you’ve probably heard a lot of mixed reviews. Between the controversy around certain movement leaders and the resulting variety of demonstrations there are to participate in, it’s hard to know which one to show up for—or whether to march at all.  

At Irisa, we’ll be marching—and we hope you’ll join us. Here’s why.


Women Supporting Women

At its core, the Women’s March is about women showing up for one another. There are a ton of issues we’re all concerned about—from reproductive justice to equal pay and more—and we may not all agree on how to solve them. But one thing we’re sure about? We’ve got each other’s backs.

The Women’s March is an opportunity for all of us to come together in the spirit of solidarity, support, and progressive change. And that’s an opportunity we can’t miss.


Our Vision Is Inclusive

One of the biggest struggles the Women’s March has experienced since its start in 2017? Being inclusive enough.  

Welcoming women, trans, and non-binary folks from all backgrounds is something the movement has tried to do—and it hasn’t always been successful. But that doesn’t mean we stop showing up.

We believe in a movement where everyone feels represented, accepted, and heard. We’ll be marching to hold that space for ourselves, and to act as allies for those who need it.


We Want to Create Change

At Irisa, we believe in a future where all women, trans, and non-binary folks are healthy and empowered. On a personal level, we’ve leveraged cannabis to help bring that future into the present—our products allow women to take control of their self-care in a way that’s healthy, natural, and fun.

On a grander scale, though, we want all women to have that power, and the reality is that today, they don’t. In some parts of the country, women don’t have access to the tools they need to keep themselves healthy and thriving. At Irisa, we’re marching to change that.

Will you be at the Women’s March this Saturday? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments—we hope to see you there!

we are womenHannah Winsten