Women-Owned Cannabis Businesses You Can Support Today

1. @bethanyfalcanna – CEO and Master Grower of Falcanna in Washington State

photo by @blaisecreative

photo by @blaisecreative

Bethany is CEO and master grower at Falcanna, producer of premier crafted indoor cannabis for Washington state. Falcanna transitioned from a small medical operation to a large-scale recreational producer in June 2016. Boasting world-class strain genetics, Falcanna is a femme force to be reckoned with. Oh, and did we mention Bethany is also a master falconer and falcon breeder? Check out NorthGenFalcons, a WA based falcon breeding project, to learn more and support her amazing work.

If you are in WA, try one of Falcanna’s world-class strains this international women’s day. Our personal favorite strain is Orange Blossom, an Indica-dominant hybrid, with notes of sweet citrus. If you live outside WA, you can still show Falcanna some love by purchasing their gear here!

2. @ladiesofparadise – Women, Weed, Fashion


     Ladies of Paradise is a team of creative women bringing weed to high fashion. If you’re into creative images full of glamour, some sparkle, and a lot of weed then you need to follow them yesterday. LOP has gained over 40k followers and has stolen the hearts of cannabis loving ladies everywhere. Their colorful house parties and pop-up photobooths give this brand some personal flair that we can’t get enough of.

     They have their own brick and mortar store with cannabis related accessories on Division Street in Portland, Oregon, but for those of you a little too far for that, you can also shop their accessories online!

3.  @theapothecarry – Handcrafted, Odor-proof Luxury Storage Cases

Screen+Shot+2019-03-05+at+3.29.40+PM.png_ alt=_Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 3.29.40 PM.png

Apothecarry is a beautifully handcrafted, odor-proof & discrete luxury storage case brand started by 36-year-old Michigan State University graduate and mother, Whitney Beatty. “If my liquor is in my bar, my cigars are in my humidor, and my wine is in my wine fridge, why the heck is my herb in a shoe box in the closet?!” – says Beatty on her website, and we can’t argue with that logic. In fact, we’re probably going to go buy a bunch of these as soon as we’re done here.

Shop Apothecarry cases at https://www.theapothecarrycase.com. Not only are they stunning, they’re also practical, as they keep product fresh, organized, and secure.

4.  @treehousejoint –Mountain Views Retreat, a Cannabis-Friendly Getaway


  We didn’t know cannabis glamping was a thing, but we’re pretty stoked we do now. Mountain Views BnB is a 420 friendly tree house rental space created in 2012 by Tracy Rice. You can finally be in a rental home and take a stress-free toke (or 10,) all while sharing a farm with a horse, a donkey, two dogs, a parrot and a mini pig! The tree house joint is available to host events, retreats, reunions and small parties. Considering the strict laws around recreational cannabis in WA state, this place is worth keeping on speed dial.  

     Tree House Joint is located just a few minutes away from Wallace Falls State Park, and just a short drive away from Stevens Pass ski resort. Rent your tree house stay today at: https://www.mountainviewsbb.com/book-a-room

5.  @kushkards – The Cannabis Greeting Card

Kush Kards.jpg

Kushkards are fun, colorful, and unique cannabis themed greeting cards that make amazing gifts for any 420 friend. Each Kushkard has a unique insert for a pre-roll of your choice and a bonus match striker on each card that can be repeatedly used. We love that your recipient can spark their joint right there on the spot (and if they decide to share it’s the gift that gives right back!)

     The founder of Kushkards is the super talented artist, Lauren Miele. Lauren brings joy to cannabis enthusiasts with her fun and original creations that make any stoner’s celebration even better. Check out her collection at: https://www.kushkards.com and send a few to your favorite buds.

6.  @mybudvase – High Class Multi-Purpose Water Pipes That Look Like Decorative Vases


Cannabis legalization brings a new aesthetic to smoking accessories, and My Bud Vase is one of the best representations of high end, luxurious revolutionary brands that are created with thought and style. An artist, entrepreneur, and cannabis advocate Sullivan, is creating one-of-a-kind pieces that can sit in your living room without need to hide when the guests come over.

     The artist behind it all, Sullivan, is committed to the details. From the scented flower pokers used for cleaning her pieces to the beautiful additions she sends with each collectible. In this green revolution, My Bud Vase is one of our favorite products changing the stigma around cannabis, one vase at a time. Shop My Bud Vase today!

7. @supernovawomen - A Space for Women of Color in Cannabis


Supernova Women is an organization that was formed in 2015 by women of color in cannabis with the goal of giving small cannabis businesses the opportunity to become successful and self-sufficient. Supernova Women fosters a safe space for hard conversations and serves to amplify our most important messages to constituents at the local, state, and national level.

Some of their key programs include The Shades of Green Series, a series addressing the importance of communities of color in evolving cannabis legislation, and Cannabis Business Workshops, which aim to provide free “101” and “201” level cannabis business boot camps to communities of color throughout the year. We love everything about this, and hope the Supernova Women inspire about a thousand similar movements soon. Show your support today by visiting their website or facebook page.

8.  @bluntedobjects – Accessories Representing a New Generation of Cannabis Enthusiasts


Blunted Objects is created by artist, designer, and cannabis advocate Melodie L., who specializes in stunning statement-making accessories. Blunted Objects represents a new generation of cannabis enthusiasts, who share the love for the plant and fashion, committed to destroy the stigma associated with smoking weed. 

     This brand is unapologetic in its love of all things elevated counterculture, and it’s quite frankly badass. We’re feeling so empowered by this glamorous approach to cannabis advocacy, we’re going to sport a few of these pieces at the office. How about you?

Melodie and her work inspire many young women to start their own business, get involved in the cannabis industry, and stop taking no for an answer. Shop Blunted Objects today.

9.  @blaisecreative – A Digital Agency for the Pioneers of Cannabis

photo by @blaisecreative featuring @biscottiofficial

photo by @blaisecreative featuring @biscottiofficial

Do you have your own cannabis brand that could use a little sprucing? Whether it’s social media, photography, or artistic direction, we have someone in mind who can you shine.

The founder of Blaise Creative is none other than cannabis maven Bess Byers. Apparently even after running a successful personal brand and advocating for cannabis reform, she finds the time to run this digital agency specializing in cannabis marketing with high end clients like Marley Natural, Biscotti, and Lazy Bee Gardens. We can’t get enough of these photos, so you’re probably going to be seeing them around here a lot!

We couldn’t possibly name every incredible woman-owned business in the industry, but we’re going to keep trying! Follow our continual support for women in cannabis @irisa_cannabis and celebrate the inspirational women in your life today.