Herbal Consciousness By Anjelika Cyr.

Through my conquests as a young woman I always yearned for more, a way to connect deeper, to challenge myself, to open the confinement’s of my self imposed limitations as well as the societal conditioning that laid complacent all around me. Cannabis opened the gateway to the inner realm of what I knew to be life. Gifted from Mother Earth this divine plant gave life to a perspective of self healing and medicine. The cannabis plant was a natural integration to my everyday life; natural as breathing. 


Ancient sacred plant medicine and ritual runs deep within my ancestry. Native Oglala Lakota Sioux of South Dakota communicated with their surroundings, bringing a sense of awareness to the plant medicine that Mother Earth provided. There is a story of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman that resonates with my being; it is shared in story that over a time of famine and desperation the Lakota sent out two men to find food and resources. Upon their journey a woman of light appeared in the forest, one of the men had ill intentions which she could sense and over him a cloud appeared disintegrating him to ash and bone. The holy woman ushered to the other young man, she could sense his pure intention and introduced herself. The holy woman spoke of returning sacred knowledge of ritual and purpose to the elders of his people. Upon the following day the woman appeared to the village where she shared knowledge of ceremony, the Seven Sacred Rites and the chanunpa. The chanunpa was a sacred pipe that would carry the prayers and thoughts in the smoke of tobacco to Great Spirit. She brought peace, preservation and sacredness back to the Lakota through times of hardship. Upon leaving it is told that White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman walked in the distance laying on the Earth floor rolling over four times, each time she transformed into a buffalo. Black, Yellow, Red, White. Promising that peace would return when the White Buffalo returns to Earth. 


This profound story in the history of my people has answered the questions of my love for plant medicine. I have learned that as a proud Lakota woman, European woman and African American woman I am to honor this Earth and the sacred ways of prayer. Through ceremony with my sacred pipe and the herbal medicine of cannabis, I too will welcome the wisdom of White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman into my heart so I may love others unconditionally through times of pain and deceit. 

We must come to this plant with pure intention, surrender and respect. Honoring the sacred gifts of medicine that we are abundantly provided with. By creating a strong relationship with the health benefits of cannabis, the cultivation methods and the spiritual gateway to our own awareness we are better able to connect with our abilities as humans. Every moment is a precious opportunity to give thanks for our experience as a spiritual human being. Through each inhale of the divine, cleansing smoke we honor the space she occupies dancing with the cells of our lungs. Exhaling the pain, worries, stress, so you may open your heart to the love that is awaiting you. 

My journey with Cannabis has been a huge influence in my own body awareness, energy receptivity and connection to a higher essence of life. Utilizing cannabis as a medicinal and meditative tool has cultivated a sense of clarity in my thoughts and choices. Empowering me to make choices that benefit not only myself but the well being of all. We are here upon this abundant Earth, it is my hope that we are able to come together to value and respect the bountiful gifts she provides to keep us healthy. 


Cannabis is a profound catalyst for the creativity of writing, connecting with Earth and honoring the body. I feel so open to giving and receiving when I smoke cannabis. The pleasures of life seem so naturally seductive as we are reminded how beautiful this world is. Each cannabis flower has a plethora of smells, flavors and cannabinoids  that open the receptors of the brain to increase the regeneration of cells. Through that regeneration comes an awareness of our senses, increasing our energetic response to our surroundings. That is why I feel it is so important to smoke cannabis that has been cultivated in clean, organic,loving ways. What we eat we become. Our cells should be honored with natural cannabis to amplify the vibration of our essence, while giving back to Mother Earth with bio-dynamic organic cultivation methods. Through this honorable relationship we can cherish a medicinal approach to integrating cannabis mindfully into our systems. 


Through each breath we are able to come into a deeper state of awareness with our bodies. Through each breath infused with herbs whether it be cannabis or smudging we open the divine gateway to a life of prayer. Cannabis has allowed me to create an individual relationship with the divine essence of life, while accepting other beings individual paths. It is a magical gift that gives us a look into free will and choice. We can choose to live in our pain and stress or we can choose to open our minds to a natural way of integrating plant medicine. The seed will sow without the hand of man, but the true lesson is to tend to the plant without knowing its fruit. 

Author: Anjelika Cyr
Photography: Keti Chikhladze