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Meet Irisa

A CBD infused bubbly beverage made with a bespoke blend of botanicals to support four unique states of womanhood, sun for energy, moon for relaxation, earth for balance and stars for passion.

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IR CBD Peach Image.png

peach ginger flavored blend of CBD, ginger and turmeric to help support general wellness.

CBD — Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil
Ginger — For Healthy Immune Function
Turmeric — Antioxidant Support

IR CBD Moon Image.png

berry lavender flavored blend of cbd and herbs to support relaxation and restful sleep

CBD — Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil
Ashwagandha — Supports a healthy immune system
Passionflower — Soothing and Calming
Lavender — Evening Relaxation

IR CBD Sun IMage.png

mango citrus flavored blend of cbd, vitamin b and natural energy sources to start your day with focus and Clarity

CBD — Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil
Vitamin B — Metabolism Support
Green Coffe and Guarana — Caffeine

IR CBD Stars Image.png

açai basil flavored blend of cbd, vitamin b, naturally sourced caffeine and herbs for night time excitement.

CBD — Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil
Yerba Mate & White Tea — Caffeine
Maca — Stimulates vitality and deepens passion